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People have moved from their home countries for centuries, for reasons such as work, to be close to family or fleeing war, political persecution or natural disaster.

The journey

Early post-war migrants faced a long journey by ship. Since the 1960s air travel has significantly eased the journey.

First impressions

On arriving in Australia migrants intensely experience differences in the landscape, sounds, smells, climate and people in their new home country.


Settling into a new home, school, job or community is complex. Some found it easier with assistance from hostels, community groups or government programs.

Work & play

Migrants have played an important part in many industries and professions in Australia. Shared community activities from cultural events to sport offer new opportunities.


Migrants may face numerous challenges, including language barriers, racism, difficulty finding work, homesickness, or the effects of war or natural disaster in their home country.

Return visits

While some migrants make return visits to their home country, others are unable to for different reasons including the cost, war or political persecution.


Migrants have both positive and negative experiences of migration. The lives they have established in Australia are diverse and complex.

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