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To all German-speaking people Kolping a well-known name. Now the name has spread to Australia. The Archbishop of Melbourne, the most Rev. D. Mannix, D.D., has opened a Kolping House in Melbourne to meet the needs of young Germans seeking a new life in Australia. A kolping House is more than a comfortable boarding house. It is a home and social canter for young men uprooted from their own family circle. Xenia Licen, from Berlin, plays the piano, (left to right) Helmut Teuberm from Kolpingshaus; Manfred Martens, from Frohnhotstr 48; Toni Sklorz, from Stadtplatz 43; Paul Hericks from Heckerstr 14; the chaplain, Father Henry Kieffer; Gerhard Wanzenboech, from Berlin

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A12111, 1/1958/9/3
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