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Wanneroo (Western Australia) Shire Council. Councillor Trandos, left, with his brothers, Harrisios and Stavos.



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Further information on Cr Nicolas Trandos can be found at the City of Wanneroo Community History Centre and other images of Picture Wanneroo (

Councillor Nicolas Trandos (also known as Nick) arrived from the Greek village of Kefalari in 1949, with his mother, Dimitroula, and brother Stavros (Steve). His father Dimitrious arrived in 1938 in search of a better future, and lived at Moora, working on the land. He then moved to Wanneroo where he worked in the lime burning industry and in market gardening on a 22 acre site which he leased at Pappas Swamp (also known as 22 Mile peg). Nicolas Trandos married Sophie in 1960 and has 4 children, Dixie, Jim, Tania and Arthur. The Trandos family started with 3 acres, and in 1995 owned 130 acres of market garden. The main crop grown was broccoli. Nicolas Trandos was elected to the Board of the Market Gardeners Association in 1958 and in 1983 he was elected President. Councillor Trandos represented the North Ward of the Wanneroo Shire Council from June 1960 to May 1966, when he retired as Deputy President due to family and business commitments. He was elected to the Central Ward in May 1970, where he served for 18 years, retiring in 1988. He was the last President of the Wanneroo Shire Council, serving from 1984-1985; he then became the first Mayor of the City of Wanneroo, and held the position until 1986. Councillor Trandos is one of the longest serving councillors. His profession is listed in "The Pioneers: a Story of Wanneroo" as a market gardener.

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A12111, 1/1970/13/27
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