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Six years ago Dutchman Martin Tummers rented a 17 acre from near Brisbane, Australia for only 3 pounds a week. Farmers said he was a fool to try to grow crop on the land which lacked the rich red soil which had made the surrounding area famous as the Redland "Salad Bowl" district. But within a few years Mr Tummers was the "Strawberry King" of Australia with 50 acres of berries. He is now on his way to becoming Australia's "Poultry King" too. He has 10,000 laying fowls in batteries of cages each 180 yards long and 20,000 cockerels which are slaughtered in his own abattoir. The farm is producing at the rate of 100,000 cockerels a year. The farm also has its own cannery to process the strawberries and other crops. Martin Tummers and employee Ern Kobbern inspect a ten-week-old "Broiler"

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A12111, 1/1960/16/141
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