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poultry and milk run success in Queensland - Mr Mol watched by his daughter-in-law Annette and Mrs Mol, caponises some birds - Jan Mol, from van Hoytema, The Hague seven years ago, began selling a few eggs and dressed poultry to customers on his milk run in Australia, now he is the proprietor of a poultry abattoir which handles more than 1000 birds a week. After two years in Australia Mr Mol bought the milk run, and as a side line began selling eggs and dressed poultry which came from the large area of land which he owns on the outskirts of Brisbane. Now he plans to build another more modern abattoir and poultry farm on a second parcel of land which he owns and to give the first area to his son, Johannas 21, a carpenter to sub-divide and build houses on it

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A12111, 1/1961/16/86
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