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costume jewellery industry in Sydney - Elizabeth and Joseph Reimer, formerly of Budapest, Hungary, have in nine years built up a prospering costume jewellery industry at Mosman, Sydney, from small beginnings, in the Reimers' sitting room, the business quickly expanded and now the Reimer's own a modern factory building and employ a staff of 38, Mr and Mrs Reimer arrived in Australia in 1939, both found good jobs and it was only Elizabeth's conviction that there was a future in making costume jewellery which gave 'Arcaneas', as the Reimers' Company is called, its start. Arcaneas jewellery is now sold through out Australia and is exported to the UK - [United Kingdom], Canada and Singapore : CATEGORY : photograph , FORMAT : b&w negative ;TYPE : cellulose acetate; STATUS : preservation material - The finishing room in the Reiner's factory at Mosman, Mrs Reimer discusses a new design with Emily Floyd, one of her employees

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A12111, 1/1961/16/101
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