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costume jewellery industry in Sydney - Swiss jewellers Bruno Moser and Rudi Graf, both from Basel, did not know each other until they met in Sydney Australia - They became business partners and are now introducing a new type of brooch to the Australian market - Bruno Moser, who came to Australia in 1949, dug opals in the Australian outback before he started his own business as a jeweller in Sydney - Rudi Graf arrived in Sydney in 1957 and has been working as a model maker in artificial jewellery, the two Swiss craftsmen expect their products to sell well as they believe that Australians are very jewellery minded - CATEGORY : photograph , FORMAT : b&w negative ;TYPE : cellulose acetate; STATUS : preservation material - Australian Official Photograph, Guther Fronzek supervising a job at Mona Vale, NSW - 661

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A12111, 1/1961/16/102
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