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Painter John Vaanholt achieved a double ambition when he came to Perth, Western Australia, 10 years ago. He has been able to set up his three sons in a prosperous business, and also plan a comfortable old age for himself. John Vaanholt, who was apprenticed to his father's painting business in Holland when he was 12, re-started the business soon after his family arrived in Australia. As the sons - Hans, Michael and Hank, grew up, they joined the business and all have prospered. The family's latest contract - they will receive 12,000 pounds for it - is to clean and repaint one of the two main bridges which carry traffic in and out of the city Perth. Mr Vaanholt plans to retire to a five-acre orchard he has bought, in a few years time - The painting Vaanholts, from left, Hank, John, Michael, and Hans

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A12111, 1/1961/16/104
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