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Gemilio Sagazio, form Via Cirresso, Citta, St Angelo P Pescara, Italy, has worked at 3 though jobs and like them all since migrating to Australia in 1956. He has laid railway sleepers in outback NSW, cut and burned off sugar cane in Queensland and cleared trees from virgin farmland in Victoria. Now he is in Darwin, the capital of the NT, running his own concreting business and saving money for a six month holiday back to Italy. "The money is good for the hard jobs", Gemilio says. "And the work keeps you strong". He votes sugar cane cutting as his hardest job, but say that even 10 years ago it paid him $A20 a day. Gemilio Sagazio puts the finishing touches to a motel swimming pool in Darwin.

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A12111, 1/1967/16/58
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