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Two former Dutch girls gained distinction in Australia when they were chosen from a staff of 85 Qantas air-hostesses to join an Australian air crew to fly Princess Alexandra from Canada to Australia to make her first Royal Tour of Australia. They are Miss Maria Hendriks, formerly of Rotterdam, who was selected to look after the Princess from Vancouver to Honolulu, and Miss Helena Van Pinxteren, formerly of Ravenstein, N. B. Holland, whose assignment was to bring the Royal Passenger from Honolulu to Canberra. Each is 24 years old. Miss Hendriks went to Australia as an infant, when her father, Mr Harry B A Hendriks, was transferred from Rotterdam to Sydney by Phillips. Miss Van Pinxteren emigrated under the Australian-Netherlands Assisted Migration Agreement, in 1951/2, with her family. Both are naturalised Australian citizens

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A12111, 1/1959/16/64
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