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In March, 1949, Leonardo Manassero, then 19, arrived in Australia as a migrant from Camagna, in the province of Alessandria, north Italy. He was 250 pounds sterling in debt to his uncle, who had advanced him his fare to Australia. Leo went to work as a sugarcane cutter at Cairns, north Queensland. He quickly saved enough to repay his uncle. Then he kept on working and saving. Today he owns a half share in a 35,000 pounds sterling cane farm and has brought his elderly parents from Italy to share the comfortable farm house. The farm was formerly owned by former Italian Felice Ferraris who migrated from Italy in 1925 in much the same way as Leo migrated in 1949. Leonardo Manassero at work in the cane fields

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A12111, 1/1959/16/80
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