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When Maurits Funke, 45, of Haarlem, Holland, where he worked in his father's rye-bread baking business, decided to emigrate to Australia in 1950, he intended to start a baking business of his own. But he realized that they needed money. Maurits first worked as a baker's operative, then doing pick-and-shovel work and for two years as a textile dyer. In 1954 he started baking rye-bread during weekends in the bakery of a Dutch friend, F Reefman, at Gladesville, one of the outer suburbs of Sydney. Later they started a Rye-bread and honey-bar baking business at Auburn, near Parramatta. Reefman later decided to start a business of his own and Funke continued the Rye-bread baking business alone. He now works with five employees. Maurits Funke placing a batch of rye bread in one of his three ovens. Each oven has a 1,000 loaves capacity

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A12111, 1/1959/16/91
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