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Australian Alfred Schmid now 28, and his young wife had little money when they arrived in Australia from Schwimmbad four years ago. Today after working as a railway engine cleaner, chef, farm hand, poultry farmer and hotel waiter, he had established himself in a coffee lounge valued at 18,000 pounds sterling. The lounge is in the city of Adelaide, capital of South Australia. Commenting on his success, he side recently: "Anyone can do the same if they are willing to work hard. You've got to be prepared to do any job at all in the beginning". Alf Schmid and his wife chat with some member of their "international" staff. Left to right: John Liosatos, from Greece, Edmund Kretsdiviar (Germany), Alf Achmid, Mrs Schmid and Paul Cozba (Czechoslovakia)

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A12111, 1/1959/16/98
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