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Dutch fisherman Dirk Tober, 34, has amazed other fishermen at Dover, Tasmania, by building himself an all steel 62 ft. boat, which he says will be the "best cray fishing boat in the State". The boat, yet unnamed, will be worth about 15000 Pounds Sterling when it is completed soon. It now stands in the yard of Dirk's modern house. The house overlooks the anchorage for his fishing boat "Mac Flair". Dirk sailed his own yacht "Onrust" to Australia after having been discharged from the Netherlands Navy in 1953, went on to NZ, where he met the girl who is now his wife. Dirk Tober sandpapers one of the wooden helms he made for his own new boat. He made all the interior fittings himself

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A12111, 1/1960/16/8
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