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Building, steel structures for concrete. Nilsson, 40, his wife Maiken, daughters Irene, 18 and Susan, 9 arrived in Australia in October, 1958. Nilsson was a bricklaying contractor and had his own house in the Stockholm suburb of Bagarmossen. In Sydney he works as a labourer making steel structures for reinforced concrete. His normal wage is 22 Pounds Sterling per week, but with overtime it is often as high as 38 Pounds Sterling. The Nilssons still have two daughters in Stockholm, Eva, 24 and Moina, 21. They are both married. Asked if she will ever see her daughters again Mrs Nilsson said: "they'll have to come out here, because we will never go back, except for a holiday in the distant future". Mr Nilsson on the job

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A12111, 1/1960/16/33
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