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Spaniards join a train bound for Bonegilla : Almost 450 migrants from Northern Spain arrived in Melbourne in February, 1962, in the Italian liner, 'Castel Felice' - This was the largest group of Spanish assisted migrants to arrive in Australia since the beginning of post war migration - Most of the migrants were family groups, which included 173 children under the age of 10 - Many of the men went to work in the fruit growing area of the Murray Valley : Boarding the train for Bonegilla Migrant Hostel are Jose Solera and his wife, Nieves, with their children, Maria Teresa, 10, Jose, 9 and Nieves, 7 : CATEGORY : photograph , FORMAT : b&w negative ;TYPE : cellulose acetate; STATUS : preservation material

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A12111, 1/1962/4/73
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