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Twenty-five members of a Finnish family have settled in Australia in the past six years. They belong to the Spannari family of Kouvola. An Australian manufacturer, Mr Kenneth Bishop, an air-conditioning engineer in Canberra, Australia's Capital City, is so much impressed by the efficiency of Finnish craftsmen in his factory that he would like to bring more to Australia. Back row: Mirja Spannari, Terttu Tanttu, Arja Spannari, Perrti Spannari, Pauli Tanttu, Seija Porkka, Lisa Spannari, Paavo Porkka, Raili Spannari, Veli Spannari, Elsa spanner, Aarne Spannari, Vuokka Spannari. Front row: Elsa Spannari, Paivi Spannari, Sakari Tanttu, Hannele Tanttu, Pauli Porkka, Sulevi Porkka, Aki Spannari, Elise Tanttu, Ari Spannari, Lasse Tanttu

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A12111, 1/1965/4/3
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