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The first families to come to Australia under the "Bring Out a Briton" scheme arrived at Freemantle in the Orient liner Oronsay on June 29, 1957. The 49 families in the group totalled 172 people, including 74 children. Three families settled in WA, 10 in SA, Seven in Tas, 10 in Victoria, 9 in NSW and 10 in QLD. At Freemantle, Mr R Cleaver (Lib. Swan) welcomed the "Britons" on behalf of the Commonwealth Minister for Immigration (Mr A G Townley). Mr Townley boarded the liner in Melbourne to give a special welcome to the families for Victoria and Tasmania. He boarded again in Sydney Harbour to welcome the families bound for NSW and QLD. July, 1957. Arriving at Sydney on her way to a new home in Queensland, 4 year old Teresa Garrard poses with her outsize teddy bear

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A12111, 1/1957/7/32
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