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The orient liner ORSOVA became the Rotary Ship early in 1958 when she brought to Australia 215 British migrants nominated by Australian Rotary Clubs. There were 56 families in the party. 26 families went to Queensland, 11 to Victoria, 9 to Western Australia, 7 to New South Wales, 2 to South Australia and one to Tasmania. At Melbourne, the Commonwealth Minister for Immigration, Mr A R Downer, boarded the ORSOVA in Port Philip Bay to welcome the migrants, while the NSW governor of Rotary, Dr G Howe, welcomed them at Sydney. The ship arrived at Sydney on April 24. Watchmaker Kenneth Richardson, gets a jewellers eye view of Sydney Harbour as ORSOVA berths. He took his wife and daughter to Brisbane, under the nomination of Brisbane Rotary Club

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A12111, 1/1958/7/7
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