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John and Margaret Massey and their 12 children aged from 19 to 2 arrived at Melbourne Airport, from 32 Salisbury Street Belfast, they were recruited by Howard Dunn a Methodist Minister. Mr Dunn, who "recruited" them, is head of the Methodist Church's special projects committee which sponsors British migrants. The committee also provided a four bedrooms house in Kilsyth. Mr Massey, 48, soon obtained work, his two oldest daughters as well. Mrs Massey said the family migrated to Australia to give the children a chance. The Children are: Mary, 19, Robert, 17, Florence 17, Desmond, 15, Donald, 14, Marion, 13, Geraldine, 11, Douglas, 9, Ian, 7, Sylvia, 6, David 5, and Christine, 2. .

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A12111, 1/1966/7/1
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