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For 29 year old Lothar Kintscher, it was his second voyage to Australia. As a single man he migrated five years ago. In 1956 he returned to see his family and within a year he was married and back in Australia with his wife and son Ronald, 11 months. Lothar, an electrical mechanic, was emphatic that he would not settle again in Germany. "I have compared living conditions in both, and Australia is the place for me", he said. "Generally, wages are much higher in Australia". More than 1100 German Assisted migrants were aboard the CASTEL FELICE when she berthed at Port Melbourne this month. This was the largest party of German migrants to reach Australia for two years. The new settlers, comprising a high percentage of skilled tradesmen, joined more than 60 000 Germans who have made their home in Australia in the past ten years

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A12111, 1/1958/4/3
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