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The first survivors from the liner SKAUBRYN which sank after catching fire on her way to Australia with 1080 migrants aboard have received a warm welcome in Sydney and Melbourne. The first party, totalling 72 migrants and 4 tourists, reached Australia on April 7 at Darwin in a DC4 chartered from American International Airlines, and flew on to Sydney and Melbourne. The Immigration Department and the Red Cross made special arrangements for immediate accommodation and emergency clothing. Mr Tobiasz, 38 year old factory worker, with his wife and five children, from Germany, welcomed refreshments from a Red Cross worker at Sydney Airport before re-joining the plane to have breakfast on the way to Melbourne. The children are Klause 8; Betria [Beatrice] 6; Marlene 5; Becki 3; and Sylvia 1. April 1958 photographer, Don Edwards.

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A12111, 1/1958/4/17
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