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An architect from Surrey, Mr Ted Whibley, has brought 28 relatives from England to Australia and they all live close together in Brisbane, Queensland - Mr Whibley migrated from Timbercroft, Ewell in 1950 with his wife and three children - He used to manage the Putney branch of F G Minter and Sons, now he is with one of Queensland's leading firms of architects - Those he has nominated include his parents, Edward and Lily Whibley, from 49 East Hill, Wandsworth, London, and his wife's parents, Howard and Florence Legett, who used to run the Leather Gaiter Inn at Hauxton, Cambridge Shire - Mr Ted Whibley works on house plans - 116 : CATEGORY : photograph , FORMAT : b&w negative ;TYPE : cellulose acetate; STATUS : preservation material

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A12111, 1/1961/29/7
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