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He migrated from Sleen in 1952, is now one of the team of scientists and research workers probing the secrets of the atom at the Australian Atomic Energy Commission's Research establishment at Lucas Heights, near Sydney - A senior technical officer in the physical metallurgy section, he is engaged on research into beryllium, a material which may prove to be one of the main materials in future Australian atomic reactors - Willi married a Dutch girl who migrated in 1950, now has 5,000 Pounds brick home in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown . Besides gardening, Willi is keen on woodwork, makes furniture in this shed in the back yard - 661 - CATEGORY : photograph , PRINCIPAL CREDIT : Photographer Don Edwards : FORMAT : b&w negative ;TYPE : cellulose acetate; STATUS : Preservation Material

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A12111, 1/1961/29/4
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