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British migrant is Physics master at boys' grammar in Launceston. Noel Powell-Davies on his property.



My Dad on the absolutely lethal (1930s?) bright yellow Allis Chalmers tractor. The brakes hardly worked. It had two fuel tanks, one for proper petrol (for starting) and the main tank for any old rubbish fuel like kerosene.  When we emigrated from England I was almost 7 and my sister was 1.  Mum was younger than Dad, at 49 and starting with very little, he had just 16 years before retirement to provide for his family.  For a number of years we lived on 7 acres just outside Launceston with 2 ponies, 2 Guernsey cows, a sheep, 6 chooks, a dog, a cat, guinea pigs, you get the picture.  Dad taught Physics at Launceston Church Grammar and mended fences in his spare time, such an effort, wahat an achievement.  After 10 years in Launceston we settled in Hobart, more than 40 years later I am still there. (James Powell-Davies)

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A12111, 1/1968/29/7
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