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Dr Samuel Islwyn Evans



This is a photograph of my father, Dr Samuel Islwyn Evans, his wife Mary Ellen, his daughter Wyneira Delyth and me, Eryl Cydwel. It was taken around 1964 by our swimming pool which had been constructed by my father. This had involved excavating tonnes of earth and shale which my father did by himself using only a pick and shovel. During the week he would return from his job as Director of the South Australian Institute of Technology and, after attending to leftover matters relating to this position, he would then labour into the early hours of the morning digging a vast hole by the light of a small desk lamp. On the weekends he would shovel the earth and rubble into a wheelbarrow and would cart it to a vacant plot some 100 metres away. He did this in winter and in 40C degree heat. The endeavour was monumental. And the motive was simply to provide his children with a recreational facility. 

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A12111, 1/1969/29/25
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