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The city of Wollongong, 50 miles south of Sydney has celebrated the naturalization of its 1000th non-British immigrant since the 1939-45 war. It is estimated that one in five of Wollongong's population of 110 000 people is a post war migrant from continental Europe or Great Britain. Wollongong is a rapidly expanding industrial city, with steel and coal mining as its main industries. The 1000th new Australian to become a British subject and Australian Citizen by naturalization at Wollongong was 36 years old Stefan Keller of Warsaw, Poland. Mr Keller was one of 112 migrants who were naturalized at a ceremony at Wollongong City Hall on Friday, August 29th, 1958. The 1000th new citizen naturalization at Wollongong since the war, Stefan Kellar, Polish born, recieving his citizenship certificate from the Mayor, Alderman A Squires

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A12111, 1/1958/12/27
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