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modern tuna factory at Eden - New settlers from more than a dozen countries are among the 80 people who staff the modern tuna cannery at Eden, New South Wales, and the "Run" is usually between September and December, during which time the cannery receives more than 2000 tons of fish for processing. The fishermen catch salmon and other fish when the tuna are 'off' - Tuna are pulled by the American method - using a strong bamboo pole, a short line and a barbless hook - photograph - PRINCIPAL CREDIT: Photographer Don Edwards : FORMAT : b&w negative TYPE : cellulose acetate STATUS : preservation material - seen between two Australians on the production line at Eden cannery are Mrs Janet Smith, from Nairn, Scotland (left) and Mrs Edith Michlin, from Hamburg, Germany

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A12111, 1/1961/16/92
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