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Victoria's Western District, rich and green, can justly be proud of the "BOAB" campaign committee centred at Allansford, a farming township 150 miles from Melbourne. President of the Committee is the Reverend Keith Shrader, a Presbyterian Minister. "It gives my wife and I a great deal of pleasure to help the people who come out. They are wonderful asset to the community." Old crafts in a new land have brought prosperity to a young Copenhagen upholsterer who migrated to Australia from Denmark 7 years ago. In that short time, Erling Andersen has seen his business grow from a one man backroom workshop to a thriving factory and shop employing eleven men. Mr Andersen, whose parents live at Copenhagen, migrated to Australia in 1949 and two years later married an Australian girl, Nancy Wallace. Now they live with their three children in the attractive sea port of Geelong, VIC

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A12111, 1/1962/7/11
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