• Photograph
    Photograph 7529182

    Young immigrants disembarking in Australia

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    Photograph 30327048

    Offloading new migrants belongings from their transport ship at the docks

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    Photograph 30327049

    Migrants diembark from transport ships at the docks

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    Photograph 30327050

    Men on ship's deck

  • The Wedding Day of Cornelia Grosveld and Antonius Meerbach
    Meerbach Memories - Cornelia and Antonius

    Cornelia Grosveld and Antonius Meerbach married in Roosendaal in the Netherlands just after the outbreak of the...

  • Photograph si858
    My two uncles to the outback

    Hi I am but a mere Scot but the real story relates to my two uncles by the names of Magnus and Benjamin MUNRO They...

  • Photograph
    Photograph 7475844

    Clockwise from top of the table: Hon A Calwell, T H E Heyes, A L Nutt; a Hansard reporter (with glasses); Mr G C...

  • Photograph
    Photograph 8303387

    A R Peters, Acting Secretary July 1945 - May 1946

  • Photograph si284
    Bas Wie the 'Kupang Kid'

    Bas Wie was an orphan who had survived the Japanese occupation of Timor during World War II. He worked in the...

  • Photograph
    Photograph 7427090

    First assisted passage migrant from England Tommy Smith ex LARGS BAY meets Prime Minister Ben Chifley and Arthur...