• Photograph si864
    Arriving in Australia part 1

    From Singapore we had an overnight flight to Sydney, dawn came, the first glimpse on our new home continent. From...

  • Photograph si865
    Arriving in Australia part 2

    We were loaded into Buses, it took more than two hours to arrive in Villawood hostel, some houses were build out of...

  • Photograph si867
    Arriving in Australia part 3

    The rest of the afternoon was spend unpacking then wandering around in the hostel to get acquainted. In tow, the...

  • Photograph si869
    Sydney 1 first steps

    SYDNEY 1 first steps. Between Christmas and New Year I took several trips to town, admiring the harbor bridge,...

  • Photograph si880
    Sydney 2 getting work

    Sydney 2 getting work On the way to the employment office, the predominant question in the back of my mind was how...

  • Photograph si890
    Working in the Hostel

    The main kitchen was huge, next to the kitchen, in a shed was a giant steam producing machine, the steam was let...

  • Photograph si897
    Working in the Villawood hostel

    Sydney, Villawood Hostel. Payday was on Wednesday, so after the first pay, the chef and me, we drove to a bottle...