• Photograph si858
    My two uncles to the outback

    Hi I am but a mere Scot but the real story relates to my two uncles by the names of Magnus and Benjamin MUNRO They...

  • Photograph si493
    Outward Bound - on the SS Asturias

    Tom & Millie Wilkinson, with their young family - Gordon and Rosemary - arrived in Melbourne, Victoria,...

  • Photograph si305
    The Colombo Plan

    The Colombo Plan, launched in 1951, was an intergovernmental program designed to strengthen relationships within...

  • Photograph 8114015
    Just the Beginning- Peter Stokes Part 1

    It was 16th March 1952. I was a 10 Pound migrant, aged 23, and 5 weeks out from London’s Tilbury Docks. This was...

  • Photograph 7475939
    Barbara Porritt, the 1,000,000th Migrant

    Australia’s post-war immigration publicity campaign was in full swing by 1955. The arrival of the one millionth post...

  • Photograph si482
    Hadley Family

    My uncle, James Hadley with his wife Maisie (nee Lambert) and their two children, Jaimmy and Jennifer, migrated to...

  • Photograph si436
    Mr Maximum

    John Albert Martin, his wife Mavis and son Donald, arrived in Australia onboard the Oronsay in July 1957. They were...

  • Photograph si732
    Southhampton to Sydney

    Here we are, having gone through customs and heading for the gang plank not knowing what might lie ahead for us. In...

  • A Great Adventure to a New Country
    A new Start in a New Country

    Our family left Birmingham in June 1959 to come to Australia

    It was a great adventure for a family of 8 mum...

  • Photograph si499
    Glasgow to Geelong.

    My father Alexander was sixty five years old when he and my mother Susan decided to migrate to Australia! My sister...