• Photograph si557
    The 'builder migrants', 1947
    ... 1947 were welcomed with great fanfare. Known as the ‘builder migrants’, they were sent to Canberra...
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    Photograph 8275055
    ... Maltese Carmel Sciberras Migrants in Employment Building Builder Australia Canberra ACT, Australia...
  • Photograph 7450999
    Esther and Aldo Bongiorno - 'In my eyes it was a palace'
    ... jobs, Dad got his ticket as a bricklayer and then as a builder, and with mum also working they...
  • Photograph 7427799
    Migration to Australia
    ... property called Carricksbrae, owned by Roy Carrick, a builder in Brisbane, he arrived at this...
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    Photograph 8275104

    The Fairbridge Society has converted "Tresca", Exeter, Tasmania, into a home for children from Britain. The new home...

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    Photograph 8278051

    The publicity department of Immigration provided a photographic display in the anteroom of the Albert Hall, Canberra...

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    Photograph 7495918
    ... homes being built in the ACT. These are homes built to the builder's design and sold on...
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    Photograph 8112504
    Dr van Rooy, builder, Mr Willem Kalf, and State Minister for Housing, Mr ...
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    Photograph 8112505

    Dr van Rooy, among some of the self builders of the Dutch housing scheme

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    Photograph 8112506

    Dr van Rooy, has a BBQ lunch with some of the self builders of the Dutch housing scheme