• Photograph
    Photograph 7529181
    ... migrants, a party of British building tradesmen bound for Canberra who arrived at Sydney on the...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529183
    First British assisted migrants go to Canberra Migrant Arrivals and Transport Ships Australia ...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529185
    Early group of post-war migrants - building tradesman for Canberra - are farewelled at London Jan 1947...
  • Photograph si557
    The 'builder migrants', 1947
    ... Known as the ‘builder migrants’, they were sent to Canberra to help build new houses and buildings...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8110256
    ... and Mrs Calwell at the Lithuanians Handicraft Exhibition, Canberra, May Ethnic Festivals, Arts and...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8275055
    Employment. Building industry in Canberra Maltese Carmel Sciberras Migrants in Employment Building...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 9759725
    New Australian Festival, Canberra, [Dance at the] Lithuanians handicrafts exhibition, Canberra...
  • Photograph si427
    Marianna and Vladimir's story
    ... in a hostel which was situated on the Capital Hill, Canberra. My husband started to work as a...
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    Photograph 7501008
    ... Ceremonies Citizenship Convention probably Albert Hall Canberra Prime Minister Robert Menzies...