• Photograph si671
    Susanne Blaschka- Work and Play/ Reflections
    ... surviving him, all call Australia home. de Germany Germany Australia Work and...
  • Photograph si317
    Laszlo Makay's story - 'they wrote so many nice things'
    ... 1951 after six years in a displaced persons camp in Germany. He chose Australia as a destination...
  • Photograph si623
    The voyage of MS Nelly, 1952
    ... of the accompanying Australian immigration officers. de Germany Bremen, Germany...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529298
    ... Arrivals and Transport Ships Arrivals Fairsea October 1954 Germany Germany Helga...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529349
    ... Marianne Liedloff aboard the FAIRSEA arrives from Berlin, Germany Migrant Arrivals and Transport...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529625
    ... is Mr. Helmuth Lutz, a diesel mechanic from Mannheim, Germany. Next to him is Mrs. Lutz Migrant...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529629
    ... the SKAUBRYN Migrant Arrivals and Transport Ships Skaubryn Germany Berlin, Germany...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 9759212
    ... sea. Mr Erwin Buthke, a 34 year old mechanic from Fulda, Germany came here with his wife and seven...
  • Photograph si509
    ... lot more to say but will leave it till some other time. de Germany First impressions Arrival...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529642
    First arrivals from Germany by air Migrant Arrivals and Transport Ships ...