• Photograph
    Photograph 7529182

    Young immigrants disembarking in Australia

  • Photograph
    Photograph 8303387
    ... - May 1946 Historical Milestones and Prominent Persons Immigration Labor And Immigration...
  • Photograph si284
    Bas Wie the 'Kupang Kid'
    ... House and applied for an exemption for Bas from the Immigration Restriction Act. Frequent...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529181
    Prime Minister Ben Chifley and Minister for Immigration Arthur Calwell greet first post-war migrants,...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529186
    Arthur Calwell, Minister For Immigration, with Prime Minister Ben Chifley and first ...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8110255
    Australia's first Minister for Immigration, Mr A Calwell (seated) and his private secretary, ......
  • Photograph si324
    Maria Peters - 'Princess Ubangi'
    ... for an exemption for Maria from the restrictions of the Immigration Act 1901-1949. Meekin’s...
  • Photograph si411
    Refugees displaced by World War II
    ... and manners. The program was part of Minister for Immigration Arthur Calwell’s push to ‘populate...
  • Photograph si557
    The 'builder migrants', 1947
    ... his search for ships and migrants to fill them, the first Immigration Minister, Arthur Calwell,...
  • Shalom Ashkenazi
    The Voyage of the Misr, 1947
    ... southern Europe. To help allay public fears and uphold the Immigration Restriction Act 1901, the...