• Photograph
    Photograph 7455608
    Learning English by Gramophone, near Sydney? Linguaphone. See "New ... Migrant...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7455609
    Learning English by gramophone, near Sydney. See "New Australian" Dec 1949...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7455610
    English language class Migrant Education and Migrant Resource Centres Learning...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7501004
    Migrants learning English in 1949 with the help of gramophone records. See "New...
  • Photograph si392
    The Peters family story - Bonegilla to Beechworth
    ... factory. At neither place did she have the opportunity of learning English. Being...
  • Photograph si427
    Marianna and Vladimir's story
    ... but later as we acquired some books and learned to speak English he went to work in Public Service...
  • Photograph si671
    Susanne Blaschka- Work and Play/ Reflections
    ... said, more harshly than probably intended. He would learn English soon, he was confident, not...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7455612
    Displaced persons (female) Learn English with NSW Railways Migrant Education and Migrant Resource...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7478891
    Displaced Persons on South Australian Railways learn English Refugees Photograph 7478891 Photograph...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7455613
    Blind ex Royal Navy Officer teaches English to Hungarians Migrant Education and Migrant Resource...