• Photograph si397
    The Peters family story - work and play

    After a few weeks in Bonegilla we moved to Beechworth in Victoria. In Beechworth, my step-father John immediately...

  • Photograph si666
    By Susanne Blaschka- Challenges

    No longer young at 44, Father finally made good his lifelong dream of migration. Having lived through two World Wars...

  • Photograph si668
    By Susanne Blaschka- The Journey/ First Impressions

    As a teenager, seventeen at my last birthday, I had my own cabin aboard. Landfall at Fremantle was special. As I...

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    Photograph 8114047
    ... at the Winter Olympic games in Italy in January, 1956. His sister , Mrs Sasha Nekvapil and her...
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    Photograph 9759361
    ... wanted to be a musician. Violinist Yehudi Menuhin and his sister, Hepzibah, who lives in Sydney,...
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    Photograph 7501116
    ... Centre. Nurse Anna Rezuk from Yugoslavia (left) and Sister Hazel Garlick Hostels, Holding,...
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    Photograph 7529855
    ... of the girls went by air to . Wilma TOTE is greeted by her sister and brother-in-law Mr and Mrs H...
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    Photograph 7529856
    ... Airlines. Charlotte WOERZ, centre, had her brother and sister-in-law Mr and Mrs Anton Woerz to...
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    Photograph 8114056
    ... his Certificate of Naturalisation to his mother, married sister Lilia Petronaitis and 5 year old...
  • Photograph si470
    Sibajak - Journey To Australia - Udo Family 1956
    ... Brothers - Rudolf Peter Udo and Pierre Heindrick Udo and my sister Emma Udo. Money and a decent...