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    Photograph 7475844
    ... Playford (S A Premier); Baker (S A ); Douglas and Smeaton (Tasmania). Bottom of table: Left, Hon...
  • Photograph si311
    The Hoogenhout family - the right decision
    ... awaited her on the other side of the world in Ulverstone, Tasmania – in case she didn’t like it...
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    Photograph 7478930
    Successful White Russian photographer in Tasmania Migrants in Employment Photographic Photograph ...
  • Photograph si509
    ... in March 1954 in Melbourne. Bonegilla from there and then Tasmania where I worked for the HEC....
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    Photograph 7495086
    ... His job has taken him to Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania. Tom says he will stay in...
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    Photograph 8275898
    Mr. V.D. Morgan, President, Good Neighbour Council of Tasmania Australian Citizenship and...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8275899
    ... Hand, Minister for Immigration and Tourist Activities in Tasmania: Mr. W.W. Leggatt, Minister for...
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    Photograph 8275913
    ... Mr V D Morgan, President of the Good Neighbour Counsil of Tasmania Australian Citizenship and...
  • Photograph 7495335
    The Story of the Post-War Migration of Mario Cerasani to Australia
    ... three sons - Giulio, Sergio and Mauro. it Italy Tarraleah, Tasmania, Australia Port Kembla, New...
  • Photograph 7478179
    The Misses
    ... The Netherlands Germany Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Tasmania, Australia Newcastle, New South...