• Photograph si673
    Voitre Marek - The Journey
    ... to Australia in 1948. Voitre met his wife to be, Vera, at University during WWII. In February 1948...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8278302
    ... a Naturalisation Ceremony in the Great Hall at Melbourne University Australian Citizenship and...
  • Photograph 7450999
    Esther and Aldo Bongiorno - 'In my eyes it was a palace'
    ... on sending my brother Eric (who was born in 1954) and I to University and so ensure us good jobs...
  • Photograph si807
    Esther and Aldo Bongiorno - 'The ship that can't burn visits us'
    ... a CSIRO scholarship to study electronic engineering at the University of Manchester, achieving his...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8109911
    Mrs A Schneider, Czech graduate, Sydney University, dental surgery Migrants in Employment Photograph...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8109916
    ... Alfred Kornzak from Austria - With Education Department of University in Hobart, July 1953...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529711

    Italian canecutters arrive at Cairns aboard the AURELIA. The gleaming white Italian migrant liner ties up at the...

  • Photograph
    Photograph 8109919
    ... from Romania and Francis Ness (right) from Hungary at the University of Melbourne Migrants in...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8109920
    ... Architecture student, Mary Lloyd, from Romania, at the University of Melbourne Migrants in...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8109921
    ... Latvia and Frances Seidel from Germany at the Melbourne University Migrants in Employment Latvia...