• Photograph si858
    My two uncles to the outback
    ... well known Highland ski Resort......Many years later a cousin EVAN MUNRO .also went out to join...
  • Photograph si673
    Voitre Marek - The Journey
    ... Dusan, also wanted to leave, so they arranged with a cousin who lived on the border, who was also...
  • Meerbach Memories - Cousins
    Meerbach Memories – Margaretha

    In 1955 at eight years old my parents told me we were going to move to Australia. I was a little worried as not all...

  • Photograph
    Photograph 7495898
    ... Italy. He is at work in the MIA winery established by his cousin, Vittorio De Bortoli. The winery...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 9759473
    ... are two British immigrants, Walter Hague (left) and his cousin, James Sinclair Migrants in...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 9759669

    Yugoslavian refugee boy, with a hole in his heart, is greeted by his aunt and uncle, The Vicich family of refugees...

  • Photograph
    Photograph 8112570
    ... form Canberra, Australia's capital. Mr Schnyder Meets a cousin for the first time in Sydney...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 8112571
    ... Felix" all about Australia. Mr Schnyder is pictured with cousin Victor Steiner, his wife and...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7502019

    Cousins from Switzerland, Rene Kathriner and Franz Gasser, are being billed in Australia as "The Daring Swiss Boys"...

  • Photograph
    Photograph 8122177

    One man 'Migration Mission' in Western Australia. Tom Cousins, centre, and his wife, Clare preparing a film show for...