• Photograph si333
    Henk Wolswinkel's story - journey on the JVO
    ... south past the Bay of Biscay, the ship was damaged in a storm and docked in the Canary Islands for...
  • A Great Adventure to a New Country
    A new Start in a New Country
    ... was fairly event full, A delay leaving Southampton Dock A storm on the Equator that had nearly...
  • Photograph
    Photograph 7502079
    ... 1963 - has taken entertainment circles in Adelaide, SA, by storm. The former Naval Meccania...
  • Photograph si744
    Wacol Hostel

    I arrived at the hostel late afternoon it was getting cooler and after London it was as different as being on the...

  • Story
    Life as a 13 year old POM

    The top picture is one of me and a mate walking through C Block Wacol Hostel on the way to starting Corrinda High...