• Photograph si557
    The 'builder migrants', 1947

    Soon after announcing his search for ships and migrants to fill them, the first Immigration Minister, Arthur Calwell...

  • Photograph si668
    By Susanne Blaschka- The Journey/ First Impressions
    ... down to kiss the ground, then turned to me and said. ‘Welcome to Australia, my dear’, embracing me...
  • Photograph 8114015
    Just the Beginning- Peter Stokes Part 3

    The following day I was given a very lengthy series of tests in maths, English, solving problems, general knowledge...

  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529308

    British Margaret Perks, a secretary, is welcomed by relatives

  • Photograph
    Photograph 7471605

    Senior Immigration officers in 1953 welcomed to Canberra the first two ICEM (Intergovernmental Committee for...

  • Photograph
    Photograph 7529328
    Welcome to Australia we're happy to have you said the ...
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    Photograph 7422854
    ... Kangaroo Point in Queensland. Open days were held to welcome new and old migrants Ethnic Festivals...
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    Photograph 7427855
    Y M C A, where all are welcome, light refreshments are always available free of cost ...
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    Photograph 7529641

    World Council of Churches. Rev. Guy Harmer, vicar of St Thomas's church of England, at Winchelsea, VIC (right) is...

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    Photograph 7529697

    Danish migrants arrive at Bonegilla aboard the SKAUBRYN. Left to right, Mr Leif Bruhn Andersen, Mr Frank Everyman...