• Eddie & Irene Kinast
  • Eddie & Irene Kinast




Like so many other migrant families, Mum and Dad’s journey provided us, their children, with the freedom and safety of life here in Australia. They made a courageous, yet difficult, decision to leave their homeland and their family. No internet, email or mobile phone contact then. Financially, it was unlikely there would be many return visits. They came into a land and culture so different from their own. They faced the challenges of a new language, finding work, often hard and menial work, making ends meet, breaking into new social structures, vast distances, sometimes hostility, and sometimes just lack of understanding. They navigated government paperwork, new school systems, new cultural values and norms. Mum and Dad believed strongly in being thankful to the country that provided them with a new home, and in demonstrating that thankfulness by being actively and passionately involved in any community in which they lived. They taught us to always ‘give back’, to always try to ‘leave a place better than you found it’. They gave to us a strong work ethic, a love of God, our families, and of our country, a commitment to the good of others, and the eyes to see beauty and fun times in even little things. How much Australia has benefited from this attitude displayed by so many of the migrant families of that time! And how much have we, their children, benefited, how much do we owe their generation, for the freedom, safety, comfort, openness, and space to raise our own families, that we have inherited in this wonderful country, Australia.


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