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This is writtrn in memory of my father and mother.In the year 1945 we had been through a war and hunger winter and after my father returned to his work with the railways, he was promoted to a conductor on trains doing mainly night duties. His health was deteriorating due to the inhalation of coal smoke from the stoves in the rail carriage, so was in and out of hospital very frequently. He therefore decided that we all needed a change of climate and after convincing my mother applied for migration to australia. With the help of his wartime credentials as an underground fighter was accepted by the australian immigration department to come to australia. We missed the passage on the Vanoldenbarneveld and were booked on the MV Fairsea, leaving from Amsterdam in June of 1952, arriving at Freemantle in late July, on a cold and frosty morning. After having been there for a day, we carried on to Melbourne , where we disembarked and left for Bonegilla by steam train a full days journey. We stayed at Bonegilla for about a month after which we went via steamtrain to Queensland , arriving in Brisbane 2 days later. We stayed at the Enoggera army base for about 3 days , so my father could attend an interview with his intended employer, however a problem came about that the employer was expecting a trained piggery expert and my father had no experience with pigs whatsoever, however as he was game to tackle anything it was decided that he would move to his employers farm at Ormeau and start a dairy and piggery there. Well within six month we were hand milking 35 cows and had 3 sows with 12 piglets each. This experience helped him to gain a job as sharefarmer on a Springbrook property called Carricksbrae, owned by Roy Carrick, a builder in Brisbane, he arrived at this property in about may or June of 1953, which was the start of his time at Springbrook.

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