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Hi I am but a mere Scot but the real story relates to my two uncles by the names of Magnus and Benjamin MUNRO They were born in GLASGOW, SCOTLAND ,....MAGNUS IN 1895 (approx ) and BENJAMIN IN 1905 (approx ) I believe that Magnus left for Aug when he was about 20 ..and this was repeated with BEN It appears that they went to form a coupleof Cattle stations one Near ARABIC and another near LONG REACH ...And one of the stations was given the name AVIEMORE...The well known Highland ski Resort......Many years later a cousin EVAN MUNRO .also went out to join prior to settling down as a plumber.on the Gold Coast Magnus married a Austin girl by the name of AGNES OSBORNE and the story suggests that she may have been adopted All are now dead apart from EVAN ...In fact I just went out in time to meet up with Aunt Agnes before she died...yours Douglas MUNRO Logan born 1945

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