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The people you see at this picture are my uncle and my aunt Bep Bijster and their two children. After the war they left Holland to settle in Indonisia. He was a millitair in the army. By the time Soekarno became president of Indonisia they left for Australia, dissapointed by the attitude of the Dutch government. They build a life in Australia. Later my aunt came back to Holland in 1970 or 71 with her daughter Joan. Echah stayed in Australia she still lives there. From Holland Joan went to Tasmania. I was searching for her and by chance I saw this picture. I do have a lot of letters of my aunt from that decade, she wrote to her sister Alie Bijster who stayed in Haarlem as well as her brother Henk Bijster I never knew my uncle if I am not mistaken he died in 1972/73.

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