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From Singapore we had an overnight flight to Sydney, dawn came, the first glimpse on our new home continent. From above, Australia was a huge red plain, people looked out, wordless, as if they were frightened of their own courage. 8 am, we were circling above Sydney and finally landed, I stepped down the gangway, touched the ground and said "Australia, here I come". And here I was, hat, shawl, gloves, umbrella, coat, 3 suite cases, it was 95 ° Fahrenheit in the shadow, if there was some. We passed customs, they admired my knifes, as tools they were allowed to be brought in. Those who had a place to go to or wanted to look after themselves were free to leave, to those who wanted assistance colored stick-on buttons were distributed, I had a green one. Assistance meant, free accommodation plus two dollars for tobacco a week, in a government hostel for 3 months with the possibility to have it prolonged for another 3 months. At one time, I was told it was unlimited, but then POMES came, lived there for two years before returning home again whit out having done a days work.

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