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The rest of the afternoon was spend unpacking then wandering around in the hostel to get acquainted. In tow, the Tunisians, and the Algerian, they spoke French, the Palestinian who spoke some German, amongst them they spoke Arabian, plus Laszlo and the Spaniards who tried to understand French. All of us, we were young and new in a far away from home land, destiny had placed us living one next door to the other one, we felt sort of like belonging together. About a half of a mile from the hostel there was a train station, so the next afternoon, that’s where I went, luckily I was smart enough to take note of the name of the station, Leightonfield, I went to the ticket vendor and said, City, back. He gave me a return ticket, I stayed in the train until a sign said central station, I had cigarettes but nothing to light them with, so I stuck a cigarette in my mouth, went to a magazine selling stand, snipped my fingers in front of the cigarette, and the woman said, matches, and so I added a newly learned word to my dictionary; To get to this place had taken ¾ of an hour, but, getting back took more then two hours, I had to change trains in Bankstown, I didn’t know it from the start, but starting in Sydney I had the harbor bridge in the back, all of a sudden it was in front again, so I got out of the train, but how do you ask for a direction with the very limited English I knew. The next day, Christmas, I stayed in, but the day after I wanted to see the sea, imagine crossing half the world and I never saw the sea, so, off to central station again and since there I had seen a lot of busses going to all sorts of directions I waited for one with the word beach on it. I said to myself by the size the sea has you wont miss it. The bus crossed some suburbs with terrace houses, climbing a hill and there it was, the first impression I had, it looked to me like a huge blue mountain. Now, looking back 47 years all I will say in true honesty THANK YOU AUSTRALIA.

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