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In April 1975, a large scale evacuation of children took place in Vietnam, sending thousands of children to the USA, Australia and other countries.

Unfortunately it was not all smooth sailing for the children after their arrival in Australia. While en route to Australia many of the children had their identification tags removed, which made it hard for the authorities to identify which child belonged to which family. The orphans that were transported from Saigon to Australia were being given to families that were already approved for adoption overseas.

Once the orphans arrived in Australia, they were immediately taken to hospital where they were checked for any health issues. Many of the children had to be admitted due to severe health issues, others were admitted for less serious ones, and some were able to continue on their journey to their new homes. For the adoptive parents it was a long wait once their child arrived in Australia, as they were not allowed to have contact with the children until they were released from hospital.

Tragically, some children were too ill and did not survive for very long after their arrival in Australia. 

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